Michael Mansour

Michael Mansour

Managing Broker and Co-owner, Broker/Realtor

About Michael

Hundreds of Triangle families have put their trust in Michael Mansour for their real estate endeavors. While his extensive knowledge of the local market is vital, the care and compassion he gives to every client is what makes him such a successful agent.

When he did not feel right about the high commissions expected from his large traditional brokerage firm, Michael left in 2004 to create a company that provides quality service at fair rates. For over a decade, he has continued to assess market trends to remain on the forefront of the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Cutting-edge marketing strategies and sharp negotiating skills, blended with integrity and a down-to-earth personality, are the reason Michael is referred to friends. In addition to residential sales, Michael is also an avid real estate investor. He is experienced with new home construction, remodelling projects, and land acquisition/development. Clients seek his advice on everything from repairs and inspections to permits and investments.

Michael also enjoys spending quality time with his family: playing with his three children, tinkering with his 1967 Camaro and other projects, relaxing at the lake, or watching Friday night football at the local high school where his wife teaches.

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